"A representation of anything to the mind; a picture drawn by the fancy; a conception; an idea.


Former Hypebeast Photographer (HBX)

Former Primo Model Management Casting Executive 



Timothy Chuck Hin Lee (Timmothy Lee) is a 1985 Hong Kong born Canadian hermit, with a graphic design diploma from Niagara College and at 2011 finished his secondary bachelor illustration degree at Ontario Arts and Design University under his belt. With a strong background of graphic design and illustration disciplines, Timmothy has self taught himself photography and have been shooting since summer 2007.

Timmothy consider himself as an image maker rather than labeling himself as a graphic designer / illustrator /photographer because he does not only use a camera as a visual communication tool, but he would also co-oporate whatever he can find to use at its best. Whether it just be with a piece of coloured paper or a home depot light, or even a reflective surface, Tim's style is usually funky edged with added playful colors and deep intense graphics.

With his use of high contrast and duo tones with an added mono chromic style blends which are mainly influenced by the French glamour adds uniqueness to his already one of a kind style. He believes that every assignment whether his clients’ budget is limited or not, has always an elegant solution. The process of making an image is more about what it is trying to communicate and illustrate. It is the expression and details that matters the most.

Overall the major task for Timmothy is to solve the visual problems of his clients. He specializes in portraiture, product ,beauty and fashion. He is currently spending his time in Hong Kong freelancing professionally.




Educational Qualifications & Exhibitions/ Publications:

2005 Columbia International College Graduate

2007 Niagara College Graphic Design Diploma

2011 Ontario Art and Design (OCAD) University Illustration Bachelor Degree

2011 Ontario Art and Design ( OCAD) University Illustration Graduation Exhibition

2011-present Pictorials being featured on Fashionising.com

2011-present Pictorials being featured on Behance Fashion served & Makeup served

2011 See 7 Magazine Interview(New York)

2011 Nu Mode Magazine Interview(New York)

2012 Work selected by Italia Photovogue Collection by Art & Commerce (New York/Italy) website display

2012 Carla Chan Collection images featured on Vogue China website

2013 Now TV Hong Kong interview with Celebrity Ann Ho & Baby M

2013 First solo fine art photography exhibition- Turn Her into Literature at Paint Platte Gallery (Causeway Bay Hong Kong)

2013 First solo fine art photography book – Turn Her into literature printed by Asia One Ltd

2013 First solo fine art limited post cards box set- Turn Her into literature printed by Asia One Ltd

2013 Group Fashion Editorial Exhibition for Antipasto Magazine at The Hive( Wan Chai Hong Kong)

2013-2014 Member of HKPNN (Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network

2014 Being featured on Hong Kong Noise directory

2014 Being featured on Hong Kong Design Directory

2014 A Series of photographs being featured on West Kowloon Cultural District presented by M+ x HKPPN online exhibition

2014 One of the Top 5 Winners of Vivienne Tam Hong Kong snap shot contest

2014 HKPPN Portfolio 11 Photo book

2014 HKPPN Portfolio 11 Exhibition sponsored by Canon Hong Kong

2015 German Printing Company Saal Digital sponsored Fine Art 42x28 inch photo book 

2016 HKPPN Portfolio 12 photo book

2016 HKPPN Portfolio 12 Exhibition sponsored by Canon Hong Kong

2017 HKPPN Portfolio 13 photo book

2017 HKPPN Portfolio 13 Exhibition sponsored by Canon Hong KongWorking Experience:

Selected Clients:

Shyalala Studio, Production Q, UM Undergarment, EEG Entertainment, FrouFrou LondonLtd, Ericson Laboratoire Paris, Mask House Korea, Roar Korea, Dessert Kitchen, PapeeteSwim Wear, Miyako, Mira, Rococo, De Classie Pom Pom International, Milkmagazine(HK), New Monday(HK), Mens Uno(HK), Jessica Magazine(HK), Men’s UNO(HK), Next Media(HK), Oriental daily Newspaper (HK), Mipenna Accessories Design (HK), L'accessoire deVivien, Sweetlime by Elspeth Walker (UK), 3 Weekly magazine (HK), East Grace (HK),Fortune Group (HK), Numb Hk (HK), Noeleen Millinery Collection (HK), NoorJewels(Germany),Giffarine Cosmetics (Thailand), Carla Chan Collection (HK), SoulMagazine(Poland), Antipasto Magazine(HK), Precious Magazine(HK), Nu Mode Magazine(New York),See 7 magazine (New York),W25 Magazine (California), Dirrty Glam magazine(Paris), Moose With Me magazine (Spain),180 magazine (Toronto), Vive Magazine(Toronto), Fashion magazine (Toronto), Polysh magazine (Toronto), Beaux magazine(HK) 


To whom it may concern,

I am writing in reference to Mr Lee and his performance and abilities as a graduate of Niagara College’s Graphic Design Production – Art & Design Fundamentals programme.

During his time at Niagara, Mr Lee was an eager and hard-working student who forte was digital design. He is enthusiastic about the learning process and his work is completed on time and to specification, often incorporating contemporary design trends into his work. He has demonstrated an ability in his grasp of both the manual and conceptual work required for the course and has developed his skills well in those areas. His conceptual skills are especially strong and he finds solutions which are both elegant and out of the main. He is a meticulous worker with a good eye for design, type and layout and a gift for a limited use of colour...In addition, Mr Lee is a pleasant, friendly and polite person which made him an interesting student to have in the class and studio. With the work he has done at Niagara, his innate abilities and continued training, I feel confident he will succeed in whatever path his career takes him.

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Smith


Graphic Design Production – Art and Design Fundamentals

x7611 • gsmith@niagarac.on.ca

Dear Client - Over the past two years, I had the pleasure of teaching Tim twice. I came to know him as a self-directed and enthusiastic student, always looking fo a more original approach, even if it meant trying new things with unexpected results. It is that genuine curiousity about art and his generousity as a person thatmakes him likely to succeed in his chosen artistic career.

Julia Blushak

Instructor-Niagara College/Graphic Design & Art Fundamentals


To whom it may concern;

I have been Tim's life drawing instructor at Niagara College A.A.T. in Welland ON for the past two years.

Tim is a hard working individual who takes great pride in his work.He always completed his assignments using his creativity and seemingly endless imagination to produce original and enjoyable pieces of work. I never had an issue with Tim's work being plagiarized and I don't believe Tim would knowingly do so.

James Gielfeldt


Niagara College A.A.T.

To whom it may concern,

I recently had the pleasure of instructing Tim in a first year design drawing course at OCAD, From Graffiti To... Tim is an easy person to interact with, his work was inspired; pushing project expectations in interesting conceptual directions. His drawing explorations also demonstrate great technical potential.

Paul Aloisi



Tim's results are consistently thought provoking. I appreciate the unique creative sensibility he brings to bear on his projects. Tim stands out from the crowd – a strong quality in the world of design, where individuality is paramount.

Jesse Jackson


Ontario College of Art and Design

As an Associate Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design, I have had the pleasure of teaching Timothy for a full academic term. He quickly imposed himselfself as a mature and motivated student, eager to demonstrate a specific attitude and a passion for illustration.

Timothy is highly motivated and can express himself through drawing and painting skills. As an individual, he is engaging with an inquisitive nature. He seems to be open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things.

In the event you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by e-mail at jknaff@faculty.ocad.ca or at knaffmiceli@sympatico.ca or by phone at 416 767 1808.


Jean-Christian Knaff, BA, MA

Associate professor,

Illustration Department, Faculty of Design



To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of teaching Timothy Lee Media Studio 2 this past semester. Using industry standard software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Timothy has shown great promise integratingbeautifully hand drawn linework and high conceptual thinking with contemporary digital techniques.

Joel Castillo,

Illustration Department, Faculty of Design OCAD